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Discrimination and Harassment

Pender & Coward’s employment team advises employers on how to avoid liability for workplace discrimination and in dealing with agency investigations and employment-related lawsuits, including those concerning allegations of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.  Our goal is to help our clients effectively and efficiently handle discrimination-related matters, whether in the office or the courts.

Workplace Discrimination and Retaliation

Federal and state law protect employees from being discriminated against based on their race, color, religion ethnic origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy, marital status, veteran status, and disabilities. Employers are also prohibited from unlawfully retaliating against employees who exercise their rights against discrimination. Employers are often forced to deal with federal and state agencies, as well as individual employees, pursing claims against them for discrimination and retaliation. Our attorneys stand ready to advise you on how to avoid such claims as well as defend your interests before government agencies and in court.

Sexual Harassment and Hostile Work Environment

The law prevents employers from subjecting their employees to workplace harassment, whether it is sexual in nature or based on protected characteristics, such as race, age, religion, or disability.  Our lawyers can help you craft policies that will protect you from such behavior and provide you with workplace training to prevent harassment before it occurs.  As with other forms of discrimination, we stand ready to assist you should an employee allege harassment before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or in a lawsuit.

Whistleblower Protection and Qui Tam Claims

Qui tam claims arise out of the False Claims Act, a federal statute that allows individuals to report and bring fraud claims on behalf of the United States government and, if successful, to recover a share of the recovered funds.  Our team can help you defend against qui tam claims and other whistleblower suits. 

How can my company protect itself from allegations of workplace discrimination and retaliation?

Companies can begin protecting themselves against workplace discrimination, harassment, and retaliation by creating and enforcing effective workplace equal employment and anti-harassment policies before there is a problem.  Additionally, companies can also benefit from workplace training by experienced legal counsel.

What are the legal considerations for sexual harassment and hostile work environment, and how can I pursue a claim?

When harassment occurs, the employer is often the last to know.  You can protect your company by working with our employment attorneys to establish policies and procedures to address harassment and hostile work environment claims before they become an EEOC charge of a lawsuit.

What are my legal options for whistleblower protection and qui tam claims, and how can I pursue them?

Whistleblower claims can lead to civil and criminal penalties for industries involved in federal contracting.  When whistleblower claims occur, it is important for companies to have in place policies to prevent against any retaliation against employees bringing such claims.

Pender & Coward’s employment team has the experience and drive to help defend you against any claims of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation brought by your employees.  We also have the knowledge necessary to assist you with establishing policies and procedures that can protect you against such claims in the future.